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We provide a safe space for those seeking recovery from addiction to stabilize, get support, and learn to protect themselves from the harms of a progressive and sometimes fatal illness through treatment services.
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A New Tomorrow Treatment Program

Adult Treatment

A New Tomorrow Treatment Solutions is a multifaceted rehabilitation organization offering adult inpatient treatment, adult stabilization, and youth inpatient treatment. Nestled in the beautiful North Thompson valley in Canada’s only desert climate, Kamloops is home to A New Tomorrow. Treatment is open to adults from all walks of life and is a co-ed facility.
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Youth Treatment

A New Tomorrow Treatment Solutions Youth Centre is located in Kamloops, BC where the North and South Thompson Rivers meet. The word “Kamloops” comes from the Secwepemc word “Tk’emlups” which means “where the rivers meet” and is a perfect description. Kamloops’ varied landscape offers opportunity to take part in countless outdoor activities and recreation which the youth are encouraged to explore with the staff and their co-clients.
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A transition program is part of the adult treatment facility. This has been introduced to the treatment continuum in an effort to bridge a gap in treatment services. An individual’s stay in transition placement is expected to be a maximum of 30-45 days. A period of a week’s abstinence is required prior to admission. Treatment services and amenities are available for $45.00 a day.
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A New Tomorrow Treatment Solutions

A New Tomorrow Treatment Solutions offers individualized, evidence based, in-patient treatment services. Committed to challenging the stigma of addiction, A New Tomorrow endeavours to bring hope to the lives of its clients and their loved ones.
A new tomorrow

Caring is our business

A New Tomorrow is an organization made up of a team of compassionate, talented individuals who are committed to providing innovative, person-centred services to the individuals we support. A New Tomorrow is dedicated to supporting our clients as they travel the road to recovery.

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