About Us

Our Vision

A New Tomorrow envisions a world in which stigma, prejudice, discrimination, and other barriers to recovery are eliminated. We envision a world in which people with substance use or mental health disorders are valued and treated with kindness, dignity, and respect. We envision a world in which recovery is attainable, affordable, and maintainable for all those who seek it.

Our Values

Integrity – A New Tomorrow endeavours to operate with integrity in its business relations, in its employee relations and above all in our relationships with clients.
Diversity – A New Tomorrow respects and honours the diversity of our clients and employees, recognizing the value and dignity of all individuals.
Respect – A New Tomorrow strives to engage respectfully in all interactions, with honesty and dignity
Collaboration – A New Tomorrow understands the mutual benefit to each participant in a collaborative relationship
Excellence – A New Tomorrow strives for excellence in all aspects of its Service Delivery.
Continuous Improvement – A New Tomorrow will identify areas for improvement using ongoing evaluation and effective, evidence-based practices.
Patient Centered – Our goal is to meet the unique individual needs of every client, giving them the tools, they need to achieve and maintain a life of recovery.
Dignity - Each person who seeks treatment at A New Tomorrow is welcomed with kindness, respect, acceptance and appreciation for their inherent value.
Service - Our recovery model and team promote the importance of being of maximum service to others
Right for self-determination – Clients lead their treatment planning and are encouraged to share their thoughts, feelings, and ideas at every phase of treatment
Compassion – Each individual is entitled to empathy, understanding and unconditional positive regard. We do everything in our power to alleviate suffering and provide optimism for the future.
Collectivist/Collaboration– We strengthen clients by involving their loved ones and networks for continuum of care and recovery preservation

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the highest quality client-centered substance use treatment services and deliver them with passion, integrity, and dependability. We will inspire hope and contribute to the health and well being of the people, and the community in which we serve. We will provide a foundation for recovery and help to restore meaningful and productive lives so they can build self-sufficiency in their recovery capital and live their lives to their full potential.

Who is a New Tomorrow?

A New Tomorrow is an organization made up of a team of compassionate, talented individuals who are committed to providing innovative, person-centered services to the people in our care.

In partnership with Interior Health, A New Tomorrow Treatment Solutions provides a safe place where people can connect to life-saving services and support.

We work with our clients to create individualized treatment plans that are designed to promote, support and facilitate long-term sobriety. A New Tomorrow Treatment Solutions believes that every person deserves an opportunity to overcome addiction and can do so by learning to come to terms with the struggles they face and mastering tools to overcome those struggles. We support our clients in expanding their self awareness, realizing their full potential, reunification with their families and acquiring a sese of self-worth in effort to maintain long term sobriety.

Our goal is to create a warm safe welcoming environment for each client to develop tools to lead a productive and positive life free from the restrains of addictions.

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