After treatment Care

A New Tomorrow Aftercare Information

A New Tomorrow Treatment Centre offers continued care post treatment. Comprehensive personalized relapse prevention and network plans are developed with clients to assist them in maintaining their lifelong recovery. Clients can also access outpatient support that will assist in the maintenance of recovery by attending continuing care group programs online or in person at the treatment center.

Relapse Prevention Plan

Prior to discharge, clients complete an in-depth personalized relapse prevention plan that identifies relapse prevention strategies, building upon existing strengths, identifying support systems, and coaching through repairing relationships and amend work.

Post-treatment recommendations include routine follow-up with family physicians, continued proactive health and wellness strategies to maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle, participation in additional outpatient group and/or individual outpatient support offered by A New Tomorrow Continuing Care Program.
We understand the uniqueness of each individual recovery and the importance of integrating natural support systems. In treatment, we introduce many methods of healing and rehabilitation; through After Care, we enlarge on those teachings and ensure that there are continued advancements in recovery. Clients are the experts of their cultural, spiritual, and traditional values and we foster every opportunity to make those connections stronger. We are a team of people dedicated to making a difference, in a safe environment with accessible, meaningful services.