After treatment Care

A New Tomorrow Aftercare Information

A New Tomorrow Treatment Solutions offers comprehensive planning in collaboration with the client and their support system to develop relapse prevention planning. Clients are able to access out-patient support in the form of Alumni Group which will further assist in the maintenance of recovery.

Youth are provided with 6 months of aftercare support following completion of the program. This program works with the youth to provide check-ins, offer problem solving guidance and general wellness. This is available to the youth virtually or at the site.

The facility will host and support the development of an Alumni group as more individuals graduate from the program.

Relapse Prevention Plan

Prior to discharge, clients supported by the Social Worker complete an in-depth personalized relapse plan. The plan identifies relapse prevention strategies building on existing strengths and identifying support systems both relational and community. The Social Worker provides coaching related to relationship repair.

Post-treatment recommendations include routine follow up with family physicians and mental health supports. Continued proactive health and wellness strategies, out-patient group and/or individual out-patient support offered by A New Tomorrow.
We understand that recovery is unique to the individual and the importance of integrating their natural support systems. In treatment, we introduce many methods of healing and rehabilitation; through after care we expand on those teachings and ensure they are continued advancements in recovery.

The individual is the expert when it comes to their culture, spiritual and traditional values and how each is important to them. We foster every opportunity to make these connections stronger.