Client Rights

A New Tomorrow Client Rights

Rights to health, safety and dignity

As an individual receiving in-patient treatment, you have the right to the protection and promotion of your health, safety and dignity, including a right to all of the following:

  • you are a person first and must be treated in a respectful manner, regardless of your race, culture, colour, religion, sex, age, mental or physical disability, class/economic position, sexual orientation, gender identity, diagnosis, inpatient status or legal status
  • to respect your needs, wishes, values, beliefs and experience
  • to live in an environment, that promotes your health, safety, and dignity
  • to be protected from abuse and neglect
  • to be free from discrimination, harassment, retribution, punishment, and exploitation
  • to personal privacy, including privacy of your space, information, and belongings
  • Privacy while speaking to lawyer, advocate, social worker/guardian probation/parole officer


Rights to participation and freedom of expression

As an individual receiving in-patient treatment, you have the right to participate in your own care and to freely express your views, including a right to all of the following:

  • to participate in the development and implementation of plans that effect you personally
  • to be kept informed of planned events or changes in the residence or services
  • to fair process to express your concerns, make complaints or resolve disputes
  • to be informed as to how to make a complaint to an authority inside and outside of the facility
  • to effective communication in a form, language, and manner that assists you to understand the information provided


Rights to services

As an individual receiving in-patient treatment, you have the right to to make an informed choice, and give informed consent to treatment, including a right to have all of the following services:

  • provided in a manner that respects your dignity, independence, and self-determination
  • provided in a manner that complies with legal, professional, ethical and other standards
  • that are tailored specifically for you based on your unique capabilities, needs, cultural and spiritual identity and preferences
  • delivered in co-operation and collaboration among providers to ensure quality and continuity of client centered care (including integration with other healing practices), in support of wellness and recovery
  • delivered in an environment that enables both client and provider to communicate openly, honestly, and effectively
  • including a treatment plan developed specifically for you, based on your unique abilities, physical, social and emotional needs, and cultural and spiritual preferences
  • that are delivered by qualified staff with the skills to work with you
Resident's Bill of Rights (opens in new tab)

Client Responsibilities


As an adult person in care, you have the responsibility to:

  • Take personal responsibility for your own health, safety and well-being
  • Treat your fellow clients and staff with dignity, respect, understanding, and kindness,
    and refrain from judging others
  • Behave respectfully and in ways that do not jeopardize the health and safety of other residents, including respecting the confidentiality of others
  • Participate in treatment to the best of your ability to effect change
  • Participate in developing your own treatment plan and transition plan
  • report any changes to my mental and physical health that require attention from a medical professional
  • Keep an open mind to suggestions to bring about positive changes as a holistic person (in the areas of physical, mental, social and spiritual)
  • Make staff aware if your cultural needs are not being properly addressed
  • Do your part by keeping your own living space safe and clean
  • Not use drugs or alcohol while in treatment or bring them on to property

Follow the terms of your residency/occupancy agreement

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