Family Treatment Care

A New Tomorrow Family Care Information

Substance abuse and addiction hurts and often damages family systems. The impact can damage family dynamics, erode trust, and cripple communication. Family members who experience a loved one battling with a substance use disorder often suffer painful emotional injury and despair with the nature of the illness. Society often does not understand and has negative regard towards the effects of addiction and fails to fully understand the scope of the illness. This can keep people from seeking out treatment and connecting with their loved ones.
Despite seeing a loved one struggle, willing loved ones can become part of the treatment process. The role of family in addiction recovery is significant and important. At A New Tomorrow an important part of treatment is addressing past and present relationships with the family as well as with everyone. With the intent to gently repair and prepare, our counselors lead each member into a time of new awareness, understanding and a loving commitment. We never lose sight of the importance of the family as assessments and treatment plans are developed.
Family and loved ones involved is strongly encouraged. We keep communication lines open and continue to remind the client of their loved one’s opportunities and willingness to participate in recovery. It is equally important to understand roles and set boundaries to ensure success of family recovery. Counsellors will be in contact with the family at the discretion and approval of the client. Visitation is also encouraged and arrangements for the family to visit can be made ahead of time. Staff can also introduce family members to support networks in the community or any other resources needed for the family.
Safety planning is part of the A New Tomorrow Treatment model. Promoting health and wellness also involves the planning of a potential relapse. We help families navigate these complex situations and offer their own tailored plan to handle, manage and thrive during times of adversity and uncertainty. We provide resources, supports, and take the upmost considerations for existing strengths and resilience of each individual and their loved ones.