Family Treatment Care

A New Tomorrow Family Care Information

Substance abuse and addiction hurts and often damages family systems. The impact can alter family dynamics, erode trust and cripple communication. Family members who experience a loved one battling with a substance use disorder, often suffer painful emotional injury and feelings of despair due to the nature of the illness. The stigma of addiction serves to isolate families and often prevents people from seeking treatment and the family from seeking the support they need.
Willing loved ones can become part of the treatment process. The role of family and loved ones in addiction recovery is significant and vital. At A New Tomorrow, an important part of treatment is addressing past and present relationships. With the intent to gently repair and prepare, our counselors support loved ones to develop new awareness and understanding.
Throughout the treatment process and into aftercare, we keep lines of communication open for loved ones and remind the client of their loved ones willingness to participate in recovery. Counselors are in contact with loved ones at the discretion and approval of the client. Visitation is encouraged and arrangements can be made ahead of time for family to visit the centre.
Family and loved ones are provided the opportunity to take part in educational groups facilitated by a member of the clinical team of A New Tomorrow. This group provides the opportunity to have questions answered, receive encouragement and be reassured that they are not alone.