A New Tomorrow FAQ

The following are FAQ's for the Youth Program. Adult FAQ's coming soon.

How much does it cost?

These beds are funded entirely by Interior Health. There is no cost to you aside from personal needs.

What happens when I’m done the program?

A New Tomorrow Treatment Solutions staff will follow you for six months following you leaving the treatment centre. You will initially receive weekly calls, as well as be set up with a variety of community supports prior to leaving.

What do we do during freetime?

Free time is your time! Feel free to watch tv, movies, play video games, go for a walk with staff, phone your supports/family, or other activities you find helpful.

Do the youth have to do chores?

While in treatment, youth do one chore each afternoon. Youth are also responsible for doing their laundry and a room clean on weekends.

Are you allowed to smoke cigarettes or vape? If so, when and for how long?

Nicotine is permitted in the program. However, please make sure to bring a full supply of cigarettes/vapes/vape juice that will last the duration of your stay, as staff will not purchase these items for you. Smoking is permitted on breaks throughout the day, and during evenings and weekends.

Can youth have access to personal cell phones?

Personal cell phones and social media are not allowed in treatment. Youth have access to a youth phone that can be used to connect with family and other support people during the evenings, weekends, and free time. This just helps to keep youth focused on treatment and keeps everyone in the program safe.

What is the day to day schedule like?

See weekday schedule

Weekends are more for down time. There is no programming (counselling, group, etc) on weekends so you can sleep in and relax more to prepare for the upcoming week.
see weekday schedule

Are we allowed caffeine?

You can have 1-2 cups of coffee in the morning with breakfast if that is what your normal routine is but caffeinated pop or other beverages are not supported while in treatment.

Does A New Tomorrow Treatment Solutions offer a detox centre?

At this time, A New Tomorrow Treatment Solutions does not offer a withdrawal facility. A New Tomorrow is able to assist finding withdrawal centres in your area or close to us if the youth is able to participate in our program. If required, Our Team will pick youth up from detox and bring them directly to our program.

In the future, A New Tomorrow Treatment Solutions hopes to provide withdrawal services.

Are you allowed to leave without supervision?

Passes are allowed with approved support people and there is a system in place where you start small and work your way up to full day visits and overnights home the last month before discharge.

Am I allowed to bring my own video games?

The program has consoles that you can use during your stay.

Am I allowed to bring my own snacks?

Yes! Personal snacks are locked up, but staff can access them for you when desired. No caffeine please.

How frequently do youth leave the centre?

Youth can leave with approved adults on passes. Youth are not able to leave the centre unaccompanied during their stay.

Staff take youth on daily outings; sometimes these are physical activities such as hikes, walks, paddle boarding, etc. Other times outings may be educational based, such as trips to the museum, Quaaot Lodge, etc. On weekends, longer and more fun outings are planned to keep youth busy, while also leaving ample downtime to relax and unwind from a busy week.

Can youth use their own money for outings?

Personal money/cash/debit cards are locked up to keep these items safe. When out in the community with staff, youth can spend their money on snacks/food items/other items as approved.

Do I have my own room and bathroom?

Youth have their own private room. Two bathrooms are shared between youth in the program.

What should I bring?

Please go to the program page to view items to bring
Program Page

Who can visit me? How do visits work?

Approved family and friends can visit on evenings and weekends.
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