A New Tomorrow FAQ

How much does it cost?

Treatment for youth is funded entirely by Interior Health Authority. There is no cost for the client beyond individual needs and comfort items.

Treatment and Stabilization for adults is a per diem rate of $45.00 which comes to $1,890.00 for six weeks. If finances are a barrier to treatment, contact the New Tomorrow Social Worker (250) 318-3009.

What happens when A Client Finishes the program?

A New Tomorrow has an Aftercare program that will provide support for the first six months after you graduate from treatment. As part of the treatment process, you will also be connected with community supports in your home community. A New Tomorrow is facilitating the development of an alumni group which will also provide support.

The clinical team works collaboratively with adult clients to develop a relapse prevention plan, they provide guidance and support to navigate relationships and facilitate community support connections.

What do Clients do during free time?

Free time is time to relax, watch tv, go for a walk with staff, work out, catch up on homework.

Do Clients have to do chores?

Both youth and adults are expected to keep their rooms clean and do their own laundry. Youth contribute to the household by completing a chore a day. Adults typically contribute by clearing dining room table, helping in the kitchen, sanitizing , etc.

Is smoking allowed and if so, when and where?

Smoking is permitted. Smoke breaks are scheduled so as not to interfere with programming. Smoking is only permitted outside in designated smoking areas. Clients are expected to turn in their lighters and other smoking “equipment” (vape, etc.). Under no circumstances will staff buy cigarettes for clients or lend them cigarettes.

Can Clients have access to personal cell phones?

Personal cell phones as well as access to social media are not allowed during treatment. Clients have access to landline phones in order to connect with family and other positive supports during free time.

What is the day to day schedule like?

Refer to sample schedule. Weekends are typically for down time with no intense programming.
see weekday schedule (YOUTH)
see weekday schedule (ADULT)

Is caffeine Permitted?

Caffeine is permitted however energy drinks are not permitted.

Does A New Tomorrow have a detox centre? Is detox available at the facility?

A New Tomorrow does not currently provide detox nor withdrawal management services. A New Tomorrow social worker is able to assist potential clients with identifying withdrawal facilities close to their community.

Are clients allowed to leave without supervision?

Passes are allowed for visits with approved supports. A process is in place where passes are increased in duration over time and as treatment progresses.

Can clients bring their own video games?

Youth treatment has games consoles and video games are permitted during free time. The adult site discourages video game use.

Are clients allowed to bring their own snacks?

Clients are able to bring preferred snacks which are stored in the kitchen (no food is permitted in client bedrooms). Most preferred snacks can be purchased by the facility for all to enjoy if requested.

How frequently do clients leave the facility?

Youth can leave with approved adults on passes. Youth are not able to leave unsupervised. Outings and activities take place frequently allowing for time away from the facility.

Can clients use their own money while on outings?

Clients in the youth site are requested to keep their money locked in the nursing station.

Adults have a locking cabinet in their suites where they are able to keep valuables.

Clients are able to spend their own money while on outings (no energy drinks please).

There may be outings or activities that require a small fee in order to offset cost.

Do I have my own room and bathroom?

Clients in the youth facility have their own private bedroom but shared bathrooms.
Clients in the adult facility have their own private bedrooms which have a full bathroom.

What should Clients bring?

Refer to the program page for items that can be brought to treatment – and items that cannot be brought. Please refrain from brining any more than one or two bags of personal items/clothing.
Program Page (Youth)
Program Page (Adult)

Who can visit me? How do visits work?

Approved supports are able to visit outside of programming time (exceptions may be possible to accommodate out of town family). Visits are to be planned in advance through the social worker (to avoid multiple visits at the same time, etc).