Food & Nutrition

Food & Nutrition

At A New Tomorrow, we offer all the necessities of life, including healthy meals and snacks available each day. Clients will be provided with nutritious foods that help with restoring the health of the body and mind.

Our Chef has extensive history cooking in the private and community sector with exquisite European menus. Our Chef understands the unique vulnerabilities that come with people new to recovery, and delivers delicious, beneficial and wholesome foods to help people get back to where they were.
With an onsite Chef, we also offer culinary teachings for our clients to empower them to learn delicious new meals. We empower the clients we serve to take these cooking skills with them.

Please report any allergies and food preferences of any type for health and religious reasons.
We are here to provide the utmost delicious meals, engagement, and experience of health prosperity. Recovery involves the treatment of the body and mind and food is an integral part of this transformative process.