Funding Information

Funding Information

There is a per diem cost for A New Tomorrow Treatment Solution LTD. of $45 per day for 42 days for a total of $1,890.00.

There are several ways to receive funding

  1. If on an income assistance or Person's with Disabilities, an application can be made to Ministry of Social Development & Poverty Reduction (form is available here). Rent is covered while in treatment (maximum allowable is $375 per month) and a comfort allowance only is issued.
  2. A First Nations person with status can apply to the First Nations Health Authority (Suite 540-757 West Hastings Street Vancouver BC V6C 1A1 Tel: 604-693-3261 Fax: 604-666-3867) or they may be able to approach their band for funding. Confirmation from funder in writing is required.
  3. Self Pay. The applicant must be prepared to pay the full amount upon admission. Please review our refund policy below.
  4. Extended Benefits - A New Tomorrow Treatment Solution LTD. requires a letter from the applicant's provider to accompany this application.
  5. Applicants may apply to their health authority through their Case Manager/Counsellor for an Accomodation Fee Subsidy for partial or full payment. See your case manager for details

Treatment Program the participant (listed below) will be paid in the following way (please select and fill out the options below


If finances are a barrier to accessing services at A New Tomorrow Treatment Solutions LTD., please contact our social worker at 778-694-2320