Inpatient Adult Treatment

A New Tomorrow Inpatient Treatment Information

Our program provides a creative, compassionate, safe, and structured environment for treatment. Clients are given a chance to reset their lives and start fresh in recovery. A New Tomorrow experience is available for clients dealing with addiction, mental health concerns or co-occurring disorders. Our beautiful treatment center offers a peaceful retreat away from the stress and uncertainty of life. Clients gain the confidence and self-awareness about the disease of addiction and learn ways to recover fully. We specialize in building recovery capital and strategies for success. Eliminating negative behavioral patterns and thinking, requires guidance and unwavering support. We teach how to navigate complex situations and how to rely on recovery rather than addiction for coping skills.
At A New Tomorrow, clients can expect absolute respect, confidentiality, and privacy. Once a client is admitted, a group of nonjudgmental, trained, and dedicated team members come together to formulate a plan. A treatment plan is created in partnership with the client. Offering individualized care, one-on-one counselling, multiple clinical group sessions, educational group session and client centered and led planning provides the necessary empowerment. Additionally, clients can expect continuous strengthening in their recovery which will result in healthy coping strategies and lifelong recovery.
A New Tomorrow also places a high priority on making recovery an enjoyable, positive, and hopeful experience. Through innovative experiential therapies, recreational and entertainment, we recognize the importance of living a life of sobriety through engagement and participation of life greatness.