Transition Program

A New Tomorrow Transition Program

A transition program is part of the adult treatment facility. This has been introduced to the treatment continuum in an effort to bridge a gap in treatment services. An individual’s stay in a stabilization placement is expected to be a maximum of 30-45 days. A period of approximately a week abstinence is required prior to admission.

Transition placement provides a safe place for clients to begin their recovery journey or to maintain their sobriety while waiting for their next steps.

We offer a structured, supervised, and supportive transition program providing a safe environment. Transition placements provide a stable transitional living environment for those who:

  • Have completed detox but their in-patient treatment bed is not ready – they do not have to be waiting for an A New Tomorrow treatment placement to qualify.
  • Have completed in-patient treatment but safe, secure housing is not ready.
  • Have completed detox or in-patient treatment and are waiting for a supportive housing placement.

The individuals in transition placements will receive nursing and clinical supports from the multidisciplinary team at A New Tomorrow including Doctors, Nurses, Counsellor, Social Worker and Addictions Workers.

Depending on where the person is in their recovery journey, they may have the option to take part in programming including attending group(s) and accessing counselling. The facility hosts a number of self-help based meetings including Smart Recovery, Recovery Dharma, as well as 12-step programs all of which Transition clients are welcome to attend.

Clients in Transition placements are able to access the programming and amenities provided including:

  • Fitness room
  • Substance misuse and recovery education
  • Referral to community based services
  • Theatre room
  • Self-help and wellness groups
  • Family room
  • Individualized Care Planning
  • Home cooked meals