Stabilization Program

A New Tomorrow Stabilization Program

We offer a structured, supervised, and supportive stabilization program to assist in the transition into treatment. Admissions are assessed individually, with the expectation that there has been a period of abstinence.
Clinically managed, stabilization is a non-medical approach to help someone work through the physical part of early recovery. Professional support is offered throughout the entirety of the stabilization journey by an interdisciplinary team.

A New Tomorrow staff ensure people are monitored, getting proper sleep, receiving nutrients and overall restored health. They will also work with a variety of caring staff to develop a treatment plan and network of support.

Services include 24-hour onsite medically supervised withdrawal support from alcohol/other drugs along with:

  • Supportive counselling
  • Substance misuse and recovery education
  • Ongoing Assessment
  • Referral to other services
  • Harm reduction
  • Abstinence
  • Health and Wellness goals of care
  • Access to fitness center
  • Access to support groups