A New Tomorrow Treatment

Who We Are

We provide a safe place for those seeking recovery from addiction to stabilize, support and protect from the harms of a fatal and progressive illness through treatment services.

Program Overview

A New Tomorrow Treatment Solutions is a multicentered rehabilitation offering stabilization, adult inpatient treatment, and youth inpatient treatment. Nestled in the desert of Kamloops, British Columbia, in the beautiful North Thompson Valley, we welcome everyone from all walks of life. Through a biopsychosocial (biological/psychological/social) and spiritual lens, our dedicated team incorporates a client centered compassionate approach. Utilizing a solution focused, holistic, innovative, collectivist method, we treat the individual and their loved ones. Our diverse interdisciplinary team consists of recovery practitioners, nurses, physicians, counsellors, and addiction workers specializing in recovery.
We offer a welcoming, beautiful, open environment that values the uniqueness of each person through caring, understanding and accepting practices. Every effort is made towards the care and protection of the physical, psychological, spiritual, and emotional safety of the client. A New Tomorrow is committed to offering culturally sensitive, all-inclusive therapies, trauma-informed practices, and tailored treatment planning to each individual need and goal for change.
Consistent evidence shows that involving loved ones, families, and communities creates opportunities for sustainable and meaningful recovery. Increasing positive exchanges with the client and their existing connections, allows for greater prevention strategies to reduce risks of relapse. Our aim is to integrate every aspect of the person into the treatment planning while simultaneously engaging the support system. We prepare each individual for success in their treatment journey and arm them with all the tools necessary for recovery. We provide a detailed support plan to empower everyone before the leave treatment.

A New Tomorrow deconstructs the myth of the moral model of addiction and instead, educates and applies a comprehensive, medical, holistic understanding of this dis-ease.  Our mission is to provide healing for those suffering and restore the basic unit of a society…family.