A New Tomorrow Youth Recovery

Program Description

A New Tomorrow Treatment Solutions’ Youth Centre is located in Kamloops, BC where the North and South Thompson Rivers meet. The word “Kamloops” comes from the Secwepemc word “Tk’emlups” which means “where the rivers meet”; a perfect description. Kamloops’ varied landscape offers opportunity to take part in countless outdoor activities and recreation which the youth are encouraged to explore with the staff and their co-clients.

A trauma informed lens guides treatment that is inclusive, non-judgemental, caring and compassionate. Staff provide a structured, predictable environment fostering a sense of security as youth work toward developing the tools they require to achieve and maintain sobriety. The 3-month program is open to youth ages 12-18 from British Columbia with preference given to those from the Interior Health region.


Youth entering the program are required to be abstinent for seven days from most substances. A New Tomorrow can support the youth to connect with detox or other withdrawal management program provided by community partners if needed. The facility is co-ed with separated living quarters for those identifying as male and those identifying as female.

Staff work collaboratively with the youth and family to develop a customized treatment plan. Daily programming is provided that features education about their illness and recovery, counselling, group sessions, peer-led fellowship meetings such as A.A., Smart Recovery (and other self-help groups) and recreational opportunity. Family plays a significant role as a support in reducing relapse risk and as such is engaged in the treatment process and provided their own psychoeducational program.

A New Tomorrow is committed to combating the negative stigma associated with the illness of addiction and strengthening the young person’s sense of self-worth and the importance of their place in the community.

What Do I Bring?

  • BC Service Card
  • Personal Hygiene Items
  • Gym attire
  • Clothing/shoes appropriate for outdoor recreation
  • Bathing suit
  • Current medications/vitamins/supplements
  • Cigarettes/vape/vape juice
  • MP3 Player (without internet capabilities)
  • Personal Cash/bank card
  • Books, art supplies, pictures, journals, etc.

What to NOT Bring

  • Clothing depicting drugs, gangs, alcohol, violence, etc.
  • “short shorts/skirts/crop tops/g-string bathing suit, etc.
  • Drugs/alcohol/weapons
  • Drugs/alcohol paraphernalia
  • Video games/movies
  • Laptops/tv
  • Mouthwash, hair dye, nail polish
  • Camera
  • Personal cell phone (will be kept in nurse’s room)
  • Do not bring more than one bag/s of clothing/personal items

Schedule Example

This is not a perfect representation of our weekly schedule. Rather it is a general outline of what you can expect on a weekly basis in our program.


Your Rights

Youth Rights and our pledge to You
  1. Youth Right and Our Pledge to You

    Youth have a right to:

    • Be treated with respect
    • Express their feelings and opinions
    • Be listened to and taken seriously
    • Make mistakes
    • Be healthy
    • Information and explanations you understand
    • Privacy; being in treatment is a private matter, why you are here and your treatment is also private

    Our pledge to you:

    • We will be patient while you decide if you can trust us
    • We will let you tell your story, your way
    • We will accept that whatever you have done and whatever you may do is the Best that you can do at the time with what you are given
    • We will see you not as ‘an addict or substance abuser,’ but as ‘this’ person, someone who struggles with substance use
    • We won’t judge you as right or wrong, good or bad
    • We won’t assume to know what is right for you, and accept that you may be confused or scared, but you are still the expert of yourself
    • We won’t place high expectations on you, and realize you have enough trouble with your own at the moment
    • We will hear your feelings, not just your words
    • We won’t save you; we realize you can do that yourself
    • We will provide consistent support every step of the way
    • We will help you help yourself
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The Expectations at ANTTS are meant to keep everyone safe and treated with respect. Below are the main house rules. These may change when needed.
  1. Respect is one of our core values. It is expected that youth will treat everyone- inside and outside of the centre – with respect. Respect is shown in our language, our actions, our thoughts, and in everything we do.
  2. Youth are to treat the centre as their home. Property is expected to be kept clean and safe inside and outside of the building.
  3. Youth will not be physically or verbally aggressive toward self or others, including those inside and outside of the centre.
  4. Criminal Activity of any kind (theft of property, damaging of property, inappropriate website searches, etc.) is not accepted.
  5. Youth must not bring or have guests bring into the facility any drug paraphernalia, drugs, or alcohol. If brought into the facility or on facility property, these items will be confiscated and removed from the property for everybody’s safety.
  6. Youth must not bring any weapons, imitation weapons, or anything that staff feel has the potential to be used as a weapon. If brought into ANT, or on ANT property, these items will be confiscated and removed from the property.
  7. Youth are not permitted to block their bedroom doors by any means. Staff conduct 30-minute checks throughout the night to ensure youth safety. Blocking the door is also a safety issue in case of emergency.
  8. Room searches and urine screens may occur randomly or at any time if there is reason to believe that youth have used substances or have contraband items. Any items found which are on the list of contraband outlined above, will be removed by staff or RCMP if needed. A positive drug screen may result in a more thorough lab examination or discharge from the program.
  9. ANT staff have the right to search any bags and / or pockets or any item they so wish if they are suspicious of its contents. Any items brought into the centre by guests will be searched before youth are able to possess them.
  10. Staff will make sure to work with youth and their families. Youth may request to have a meeting. Youth are expected to participate in the meeting as per the therapeutic guidelines of the assigned counsellor
  11. Youth are expected to participate in extracurricular activities including recreational recovery-based programs
  12. Youth are expected to complete their program milestones  
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